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a year ago

Wish Upon by Barbara Marshall | #10

The Tenthaversary!

Thanks for joining us for our special tenthaversay special of Screenplay Book Club! Thank you so much for sticking with us for these first few months as we find our footing.

This week, we grossly mispronounce a name (sorry Nick!) and we celebrate in a special way by reading a 2015 Blacklist Official Selection, Wish Upon by Barbara Marshall. Wish Upon hits movie theaters this July!

Things to Consider:

  1. How do the rules of The Box create tension and affect Clare’s choices throughout the story?
  2. Is the ending satisfying? Does it need to be?
  3. How could the action lines be aided by using more “show, not tell”?
  4. Was there enough conflict throughout the story?
  5. Would you use the box?

Matt's Thing to Consider: brain.fm
Hunter's Thing to Consider: Good Guy by Nick Thune on Spotify and Seeso

Next week's screenplay: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by Shane Black (Thanks to Nick F. for providing this script for us!)

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