Discussing screenplays in a book club format
10 months ago

Scream by Kevin Williamson | #27

It's officially Halloween-time so Screenplay Book Club has taken a spooky turn!

We take a look at office jobs as if they were professional sports, give ourselves our October names, and discuss Scary Movie, more commonly known as Scream, by Kevin Williamson.

Things to Consider:

  1. How are moments of tension ramped up throughout the script?
  2. Does the movie treat its red herrings fairly?
  3. How is the film self-aware of itself? Does this help it?
  4. Was this a scary movie?

Matt's Thing to Consider: Lift a Sail by Yellowcard

Hunter's Thing to Consider: Titular Lines (@saythetitle) on Twitter

Next week's screenplay: It (2017) by Chase Palmer & CJ Fukunaga [Revisions by Gary Dauberman]

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