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a year ago

Ex Machina by Alex Garland | #3

Welcome again to Screenplay Book Club! We appreciate you for sticking around.

This week, Hunter comes up with a catchy slogan for trees and we discuss Alex Garland's sci-fi/thriller screenplay Ex Machina. If you'd like to watch the film rather than read the script, for shame! But here's the link to view with Amazon Prime.

We also talk about a video essay by Lessons from the Screenplay. Check out his video on Ex Machina here!

Our Things to Consider:

  1. Is Ava the real protagonist of the movie? Does the script provide evidence for this?
  2. How would the script change if Ava took Caleb with her at the end?
  3. How do power dynamics shift between characters as the script progresses? Is there enough lead up to each of these critical shift moments?

Matt's Thing to Consider:Tracking every movie you watch on a Google Spreadsheet
Hunter's Thing to Consider:
Red Moon by Benjamin Percy

Next week's screenplay: The Cabin in the Woods written by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard

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