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a year ago

Blade Runner by Hampton Fancher and David Peoples | #12

Replicants take over Screenplay Book Club!

This week, we have special guest Lilli to discuss how being sick as a dog is worse than you think, how fidget spinners will rule the world, and most importantly, the screenplay to Blade Runner by Hampton Fancher and David Peoples.

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Things to Consider:

  1. What in the script lead you to believe Deckard was/wasn’t a replicant? How does this revelation affect the script/theme?
  2. How does the script humanize the replicants?
  3. How are eyes used as a symbol throughout the script?
  4. How is the creator/creation relationship examined?

Matt's Thing to Consider: Finding Motivation
Hunter's Thing to Consider: Don't Think Twice
Lilli's Thing to Consider: Darkest Night(whoopsies, she said Darkest Hour but this is what she meant!)

Next week's screenplay: Wall-E by Andrew Stanton and Jim Reardon

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